Welcome to EXPRESSIVO, your exclusive haven of craftsmanship in the heart of Venice. Located in the picturesque Salizada San Lio, just steps away from the legendary Rialto Bridge and the historic St. Mark’s Square, EXPRESSIVO is more than just a shop: it is a gateway to the tradition and excellence of Italian craftsmanship.

Inside, you will find a carefully selected array of items that represent the pinnacle of artisanal art, among which the famous Murano glass creations stand out. Each piece is the result of the skill of adept artisans, who, with passion and dedication, perpetuate a legacy of unparalleled beauty and quality.

At EXPRESSIVO, every visit transforms into a journey of discovery of unique treasures, where tradition merges with innovation to bring timeless creations to life. Whether you are looking for a special gift or wish to take a piece of Venetian magic with you, EXPRESSIVO offers you an unforgettable shopping experience, immersed in the enchanted atmosphere of Venice.